JONSAW is a three-piece band based in Gothenburg, Sweden, that plays bluesy southern rock with a splash of bourbon and ’70s vibes. The band consists of Robert Jonsson (vocals and guitar) Mikael Säwström (drums) and Johan Wikström (Bass)

JONSAW first emerged in February 2022 after a conversation during the Christmas holidays. They now release a steady flow of songs on every platform where music can be found.

As a band, JONSAW is relatively new and started out as a two-piece band with only cigar box guitar, vocals and drums. The idea started during Christmas when they discussed creating this project. Robert, who plays guitar and sings, hadn’t played for almost 10 years. However, he had a relapse that lasted two months three years ago and wrote a couple of songs on his own. “We thought it would be great to write and release some music together. We met up at the end of February and just started jamming. During that session, we wrote ‘Rooster Man’ and three more songs! Two weeks later, we recorded ‘Rooster Man,’ and here we are now!”

You won’t find any cliché 12-bar blues here; instead, expect steam train drums with screaming cigar box patterns and strong vocals with a newly added bass player for a deep foundation.

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